Comprehensive support

IC2’s client is provided with multi-faceted support enhancing its chances of legal success and of recovering fast maximized proceeds

Comprehensive support

In providing funding, La Française IC2 assists its clients in all matters related to their claims, for example, in its relationships with specialized legal advisers and experts, in the organisation of substantial translation needs, in costs management and web intelligence, and also in the elaboration of collection strategies.

The Fund relies on its Adviser, Paris-based La Française International Claims Collection, to identify and recommend investment opportunities to it, and to monitor its investment portfolio. The Adviser’s team of experts in international litigation and enforcement procedures have more than 50 years of cumulative professional experience in these areas.

Further, if the debtor fails to honour the award, La Française IC2 will organise and supervise its enforcement. Only when the award has been monetised will the Fund’s entitlement to its remuneration crystallise.

La Française IC2 regularly funds enforcement proceedings even if it did not fund the arbitration proceedings.