The Paris Court of Appeal to create a commercial court for settlement of international disputes

December 2017

In an effort to reinforce France’s (and more particularly Paris’) image as a leading international economic hub with an adapted and efficient judicial system, the Paris Court of Appeal is currently preparing to open a specialized section in order to settle international disputes. This initiative, presented during an official discussion conference on 13 December 2017 at which the head of the French Ministry of Justice, as well as many other interested parties, were present, seems particularly relevant at a time in which the so-called Brexit is causing companies in general and banks in particular to consider moving their headquarters and/or litigation seats to other European cities (and notably to Paris).
With the creation of such section (interchangeably called court and chamber during the 13 December Conference), litigants will have the possibility to plead their cases in foreign languages with a simultaneous translation (if required) and to produce documents in the language of their choice.
The new section could hold its first hearings as early as March 2018, according to the French Chancellery.