Advantages for legal advisers

The advantages for legal advisers of having recourse to our services are the following:

  1. The client’s legal counsel is not the Fund’s, nor the Adviser’s adviser.
    The relationship between the client and its counsel remains intact. Neither the Fund nor the Adviser provides legal advice to the client – neither competes with the client’s legal advisers. Instead, the Adviser brings added value to its client by making recommendations – which the client is free to accept or to reject – as to litigation and enforcement strategies. The Adviser is a French-registered claims collection company. The Fund will, of course, respect the Bar/professional practice rules of the client’s counsel, for example concerning issues of confidentiality and legal privilege.
  2. In accordance with the Funding Agreement, invoices for budgeted costs are submitted to the Fund by or on behalf of the client on a periodic basis. The Fund pays the costs on behalf of the client. This procedure offers the client’s advisers the assurance of regular cash flow, thereby facilitating the allocation by the client’s counsel of internal financial and human resources for the continuing conduct of the case and the development of their practice generally.
  3. By bringing third party funding as practiced by the Fund to their client’s attention, the legal advisers stand to benefit from the potential ‘unlocking’ of new litigation business: clients need no longer be deterred from litigation by concern about the potential cost. Clients are likely to appreciate the fact that their lawyers come to them with value-added proposals aimed at ensuring the optimal conduct of the proceedings to ensure a successful result.